ineffably his:::صلى الله عليه وسلم

Before anything, there was love.
And before anyone, there was Muhamad.
in that we can only describe how indescribable mankind’s mercy is:
how liberating womankind’s mercy is.
Liberated our souls with ultimate truth.
Only Allah is worthy of worship,
and to worship Him
is to emulate the ineffable:
who lived an exemplary life,
full of trials and tribulations-
proving that his patience surpassed probability,
because it was evident.
Teaching us not to be statistics-
or statistically static-
but to be ecstatic!
Where there is love- there is ecstasy!
and truth fits between the two:::perfectly!
Taught us to concern ourselves only with truth,
and to be actively mobile and agile with it-
but gently.
Truth and love are such that
they can’t be kept secrets.
Bodies do not permit lungs,
to fill with breath-
that is not dedicated
to at least trying to explain
how ineffable our love is.
Love is a condition.
and to be conditioned,
and open to that condition-
is to open your soul
to the conditioner
and let love in.
Muhamad. makes the conditioning sweet
because his life proves-
that it’s love in truth.

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