On God & astrology

Trite spirituality:
I believe in the science of the stars. I believe these things as there is nothing in my spiritual constitution that tells me I shouldn’t. My heart does not send up warning flags from thinking these thoughts and so I find them to be sound according to my tradition. One this though, it is so absurd to me that we can believe in things as distant as the cosmos dealing the cards of our lives, while God remains a distant concept to many of our peers.

Taking false Idols:
There are many whose lives revolve around astrology. They become slaves to their sign.  They become followers of the rules and laws that govern their particular sign. They embody and exude the characteristics of their sign in hopes that it will add some order to their chaotic life. We are all looking for spirituality, a connection to the Divine, and instead of putting in any real effort, we are indolent and come to find that the trite spirituality that astrology has can superficially fill that void nicely for a time. This is a sign of a much more odious malady than just indolence. There is a void within us that only a set of laws can fill and some choose to fill it with false conjecture and a completely human constructed science rather than fill it with freedom in surrender to the Creator of all concepts who created that little idea too.
God is Greater than ______.

this statement holds true no matter what you fill the blank in with.