reform your memory. not my religion.

Please know what it is that you wish to “reform” before you call for reformation. Reformation has caused spiritual destruction in the past. The world is not what it was. The world has changed. Our souls have remained consistent. What our souls need has remained the same. Instead of changing the tried and true remedies to spiritual maladies, what we must do is correct our vision and understanding. We have all developed spiritual astigmatism and autism. We no longer see straight- our vision twists and bends with the development of developed societies twisted whims. We are drowned in tanks filled to the brim with self.

There is a universality to gnosis that has and will always exist. It didn’t come about with Adam or Jesus or Muhammad. It is a miracle, a miracle that still takes place- it is the miracle of God choosing to reveal Himself to His creation. It is our selves that make it a miraculous occurrence because this thing- this knowing, is organic. How do you come to a state of not knowing the very thing that you first knew? You keep your eyes closed to the phenomenon that is God manifesting through creation. We were all in His presence at the beginning when He forged our souls. We have all known Him.

يسألونك عن الروح قل الروح من أمر ربي
“They ask you about the soul. Say it is from the command of my Lord.”

We have always wondered where our souls are- always thought about where our thoughts are. There is limitation to understanding, but knowing, knowing is the difference. The scholars say, “if you know yourself, you know your Lord,” and this is the key to that soul search. Once your self is found, understood, and reassigned to its rightful task, the doors of knowledge open, and we know that God gives knowledge to the favored ones, the ones He wishes the most good for.

We don’t need reform or reinterpretation. We just need to open our hearts, cleanse our intentions and do the work. Remember God because that is our purpose. We have been separated from our Source. Remember Him and you will find all that you need, all that you desire. It’s all here for us. Open the book and read it. Praise Him with your every action. Stop letting your days pass you by without reconnecting to all that is Real.

It’s a difficult task, to remember something you’ve forgotten.
He is merciful,
He does not call us to figure anything new out,
or seek out new ways of connecting-

He just asks us to remember.
And once you remember,
how can you forget?
Love is unforgettable.
It is with God in Eternity.

May You allow us, dear Lord, from Your infinite mercy to serve You, remember You, and love You with all that we are and all that we do.