Pens are more pensive than pencils
….more intense
Pencils erase::trace.
unlike a pen-
they are the
imperfect counterpart
less than-
so they need to have the capacity
to obliterate mistakes…
—-they are impermanent
they make my capricious soul
very very

but a pen says-
that what I pen with this pen
is UNerasable
only blottOUTable:::
by adding more ink
and even then:
its sits upon white paper
proving that there was something there…once
that the world wasn’t ready for it
or that we weren’t ready for the world with it
life happens and we can’t erase/
trying to erase doesn’t ease
trying to trace the process of another
like a pencil
is impossible
because of the existence
of that eminent eraser.

Allah swore by the pen:::
so i take them seriously.
respect them profusely.
cradle them intimately.
bless them religiously…

I am like a pen—
my actions canNot be effaced!
only rewritten if i so choose
to re-write them::
All actions are inked into my book
-held in the heavens-
until the day,
my penned pages will be
read out-
called out:
because, like a pen
i am solid…
i choose to be secure:
–deliberately decisive–
penlike incisiveness
penlike severity
so do not sever connections
between me and my pen:::
my crutch and my friend…
my sacred sanity secret keeper
my 6th sense allowing me to be dreamer by day!
reality lays at the point of my pen.