existence is crime enough

Dear God-
Good God-
my Creator-
my Sustainer-
I complain to You,
As if You are not the One who maintains my health-
the One who regulates my breath.
I submit myself as your willing slave.
I submit to serve
And in serving-
I know I am only doing myself service.
what kind of slave
is allowed to complain
to their Master?
and then be rewarded for establishing
this conversation full of complaint!
I complain because I fear not having the capacity
to know You.
because to know You-
is complete contentment.
I complain of my guilty complacency
this vacancy within me-
:::eminent arrogance:::
that is stagnant in service
Because until I serve like I say I will
I won’t know how not to complain.
Help me to truly become enslaved.

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