…A people problem. A problem people…

they want to talk
about people problems,
and all i can seem so do-
is talk about You.

so i try to talk about problems,
but i don’t really believe they exist-
heart resists,
lips stay sealed.

ears learned to tune problem talk out
and tuned in to the fact that
the talk was the problem.

they claim that i’m distant,
that my mind is somewhere else,
that i’m not attentive enough.

heart soft like if water
were to replace rock at fall.

i fall in love with their complaints,
because they bring me back to center.

too much distance from them,
is distance from Him,
and too much distance from Him,
is distance from them.

From the people of the middle path,
not distant or gargantuan,
not celestial or terrestrial,
not academic, just Adamic-
because its simpler than science,
it’s a knowing beyond learning.

it’s lunar like we just have one moon
while other planets are arrogant
about their many.

Earth whispers complaint
being so far from the seventh heaven-

“Neptune boasts proximity, and i’m far
and populated by people who won’t love me.”

“But wait! what if the seventh is closer the other way around,
beyond the sun is the safe haven of eternity,” i ask her,
“what if you were entrusted to care for people, and
were given the gift of being so… middle.
neither far or near but perfectly near in your middleness.”

proximity is measured in moments of love,
not in meters or lightyears.

love who and where you are now.
you will find yourself, right at your center-
in the middle of love.

don’t talk too much about that love,
or the lack thereof, just know its
truth, its clear ocean blue like
sky’s fluid sibling. be like the water,
that replaces rock at fall. be soft.
be fluid. be gentle and warm. be silent
and believe with conviction
that there are no problems. there is God.

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