leave it

collecting creativity
captivating creation
creating confidence
coordinating collisions
contrived crusading
collapsing cultures
confusing connections
collateral corruption
continuing coercion

evil see?
be contemporary said habib
its hard when evil is contemporary
but I believe
and so i stay completely
immersed in this society

we build bridges
and burn them
dig ditches
and fill them
constructively destructive
self inflicting
purposely infecting
sleeping in diseased blankets
and distributing them without flinching

please leave it immigrant
leave it

patient and raw
to few
the who
who know
the who
who do

not the who
who thinks they do
not the who
who marries
and calls himself super da’wa dude
terry the secretary
is not your cloak
your blanket is diseased
with ‘ujb
and ghuroor
called gharaam

those who have
keep spinning
keep spitting
keep sinning
and call themselves callers
shot callers
on the scene
cuz their pockets- heavy laden with green

please leave it immigrant
leave it

let it be
given to contemporaries
by parallel people
you can not get on level of
when naturalized
is stamped
on passport
when home is the place you lived in
for less time than you spent in “land of sin”

coordinate self
with law
and live
like you wish
but do not
do not
to taint the work
to put down the labor
of those who love
the people
they call to God

please leave it immigrant
just leave it.

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