dirty thoughts: scattered thoughts on dirt


There is nothing- WaAllahi not a thing- like the feeling of collective prayer- that pull into prostration- head meeting earth- heart and Core connecting- body returning to original essence- turab ila turab- dirt to dirt- and in this sweetness- is purification.

i had a dream about water and dirt- a demonstration of tayamum, dirt was deep and musky, it smelled like clean flesh, felt alive, cooling to my bare skin. clean earth.

We know the implications. how salubrious-how sanctifying- how purifying- water is- but we undermine- our essence- when we look down on dirt and those who would be so bold as to put their faces in it- to put their faces to it- to bow upon it- how He elevated it when He made it be the medium to Him- It’s a dirty channel-

Dirty me, Allah- Dirty my forehead and forgive my failings.

No sijjada for me please. Sometimes you gotta get dirty to get clean.

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