A student complained to his teacher, “I want to see the Habib in my dream so desperately. I pray for it constantly, and yet I am ma7rum, I am forbidden. What should I do?”

The teacher replied “Salt your food. When you have added the salt, add more. When you have added more, it will not be enough- add again. Eat it with bread. Drink no water and come back and see me in the morning.”

The man ate, and ate, and ate, hoping that the effect would be stronger the more he ate. He went to bed that night and dreamed. He saw waterfalls and streams. He saw rivers and lakes of gorgeous fresh water. He drank and drank and his thirst could not be quenched.

He woke up displeased that he had followed orders so precisely and had still not seen the Habib. He went to see his teacher.

“I’ve done what you’ve ordered and I am still veiled from the Habib” complained the man.

The teacher said “Once you desire his sight and presence, the way you your thirst needs quenching, you will know him in your dreams and in your waking hours.”

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