warped is wireless

you’re in this warm womb…all comfort and coziness.9months.like an eternity.

one day you’re born. through a vortex of discomfort and suddenly dry instead of wet. cold instead of warm. sterile stealth instead sacred stillness. cord is cut. screaming. breathing. alone.

we are like this with God. we come into being in His presence. we know Him.

then we take on bodies and responsibilities that even angels refused. with body comes a barely- comes a breathing, comes doing, comes distraction and we forget what we knew….WHO/HU we knew.

the business of being born into body is blinding- we become barely living…constantly sleeping. we feel bound by body to buildings rather than Builder of boulders and breaths Maker of mountains and intellect. Master architect.

we come screaming about something, what? we’ve forgotten source.

then piece by piece we paste picture back together into cord connecting us back to Creator of complete painting. Cord reconnected.comfort found. warm womb- wrapped in Beloved. warped is wireless. inquire. get wired. cordless=mess. lets get sooo connected please, k? ya layta qawmi ya’lamun.