Teary eyed, my nephew told his mother after school that his best friend’s mother had instructed him not to speak to him- that they were to no longer be friends or play together at school.

the propaganda is getting to people. it polarizes people. for the people on the fence, it either pushes them to be kinder to a hijabi at the grocery store as apology for the crazy bigotry or it makes them hate mongers who teach their children that different is evil and that it is to be cast out out and away.

When the little boy wanted further instruction from his mother about what “other” was, she instructed him that he was to remain friendly with the other boy who was different, because he wasn’t the muslim kind of different. Strange isn’t it? This country is going through such an interesting time. Why ride the wave that historically gets called out later for being ignorant, hateful, racist etc?? I mean these are smart white people in an affluent Texan public school. They know the history of the Irish, the Japanese, the Jews, don’t they. Lady, don’t you know that one day your son is going to be embarrassed of you? He’ll probably fall in love with a pretty muslim girl and marry her out of sheer guilt for what you made him do to my lil habibi.

A while back I wanted to write a letter to Whoopi Goldberg because she had said it was outrageous when NPR fired that reporter for making anti-muslim remarks (I didn’t because i thought it was cheesy.) I wanted to tell her how it felt to hear her stand up for someone who was publicly eschewing remarks that would lead to the furthering of anti-muslim rhetoric and politics when she usually stood up to that kind of propaganda. I wanted to tell her how it made me feel othered and less than. That he hurt my feelings. truly. I comend NPR for taking a stand against fear mongering in such a public way. I believe in free speech and all that of course but when public figures abuse their positions to indoctronate their listeners and followers with just mean spirited agendas…it hurts my feelings as a feeling person.

He made a comment about feeling uneasy when muslims board an airplane. it hit me hard because he spoke a thought of my own upon seeing muslims in obviously muslim garb getting on a plane. It made me afraid of my self when i realized what people saw when they see me boarding a plane. that hurts my feelings too. all these poor people are afraid of me. If your’re reading this and you’ve felt like that about muslims, I am sorry. I am very sorry. i am sorry you have been made to be, taught to be afraid. no one should have to live that way.

Now, I know I look different to a lot of folks but I’m here doin the same things everyone else is. family, school, work, art, love- kittens, babies, pretty shoes. you know- the works. I don’t want Sharia law here. I love my Americanness. I love the principles that this country was built on. Truly. Sharia law is sooo varying and I don’t want anyone trying to implement it anyhow- there are all of 4 people on this Earth who would even have the know how to do that properly and none of them are about doing anything like that.

Everyone is talking about the 25 year old woman, Rehab Al Buri who passed away. She was working so hard to inform people. By example. She lived and did and said and worked. She got things done. Before she passed away she was sad thinking about the time she spent trying to find pillows for her couch.

Today a kid I went to high school with shot and killed his father then shot and killed himself. murder suicide.This world is indeed a strange place. How else can we be in it but to be like strangers in it?

Can’t people see what the pressure is doing to people? We live inside a pressure cooker. Everyone is cooked through and the pot is ready to burst- so many dueling sides, so many arguments, so much fueling fires….It makes people snap. Everyone kinda just needs to relax and say Allah man. take a step back…the fact that i cover my head shouldn’t be scary to anyone, it’s a piece of fabric- not an intention to harm. The gun you bought at walmart isn’t going to keep you safer than the smile you could arm yourself with on yo face. it actually makes you less safe. temptation is a bitch when you’re angry. Charles Le Gai Eaton says anger is another kind of intoxicant and makes one drunk and is equally as impermissible as alcohol. don’t carry a gun in your pocket. You’ll probably shoot your own foot off by accident dude.

The sky is so big. look! It’s Huge! so forgiving. birds. planes. stars. moons. suns. clouds. my thoughts. your thoughts. angels. rain. snow. wind. we all fit. lets be as forgiving as the sky k?

Allah Allah Allah