i wish you wouldn’t

i wish you wouldn’t speak.
your words get in the way of
the language of your eyes.
i get distracted from the truth
when you speak.
your eyes speak of a strong constitution.
of long patience
and pleasant destitution.
but when you speak
the words your mouth leak
reek of strategy and calculation.
in quick moments of thought
you pause
and oh this sweet pause.
this sugar dusted cause of my truly knowing you.
and in that lull
that sweet interlude
you blink.
and suddenly
I can see past skin
see into your think.
I love to drink you in
in sweet silence
but you insist on
verbal violence and
noise pollution.
a travesty
because the majesty i see
in your eyes
is astounding
and stops me. breathing.
i could live inside the things
i know and see
inside your dreams.
because inside your eyes
there is more lucid truth
than in this entire realm.
behind your eyes,
is a soul i knew
when few flew through the beloved’s graces
before eyes and faces.
there is a flicker
from the mirror of then.
and i remember when
i knew you.
but when you speak
i lose the intertwining
of then and here.
and all i have to study
are the elect words you select
instead of the soul you are.
it is impolite of me to say these things.
so i won’t.
but don’t.
please don’t
please read my eyes.
speak to me.
the sea of your eyes
is deep and wide
and enough for me
to live the entirety
of my breaths inside.

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