Praise Be

Praise be to God that i am crazy.
It is love that saves me.
It is because I believe You exist
that my eyes are open to the world
of the select few
who are chosen to know
the nectar of insanity that love is,
the very same insanity that grazes my pen
when i write to my love
that i hate him or that i love him.
I know from the fire that burns
inside my furnace of a chest,
from the zeal in the way i leave him so often
and the way he so softens to take me back in
that i am insane.
I live inside the sanity of love,
the safe haven that guards my easily
bruised body and so i am, in sane
and insane and truly in love:
insane and inlove are but twins
hatched from the same egg. Praise be to God,
praise be to the Creator of Love and lovers:
The origin of love’s longing that turns into leaving and and returning,
the source from which i am able to truly fuel my love,
praise be to god for allowing me to be in sane so that i could be forever in love,
praise be to god that i am crazy,
for it is my only empirical proof
that i love Him true.