While the world is at war
we sleep soundly in america
far in land of the free
home of the brave.
when syrians starve
and freedom is all their bellies crave.
it is every free person’s duty
to bring freedom’s beauty
to every seeking bit of soil
why then do we merely watch syria toil
and claim to be bringers of freedom…

but only if you have oil…

your paradisiacal shorelines
and ambitious infrastructure
never had a chance
your president made sure
to keep your beauty impure
so he would be the only one
who would ever want you
the only one who could ever
rape you.
he kept you ugly, and in the dark
so that no one else would want you.
so that one one would even want to help you.

My Sweet Syria. Land of the Coming of Christ.
I wish you would come now
for the anti christ has come to shore.
they call him bashar
i call him naffar

I call on ALLAH in the face of this modern day pharaoh
and i’m callin out this false idol

ya wailak ya Naffar
3am ti2til likbar wizghar
ya wa7sh
ya qatil alatfal-

Allahumma ya qahhar
ya 3aziz ya jabbar
3alayka bi bashhar
3alayka bi hadhal naffar
hadhal dhalim YA sattar
ustur 3ala baladna
irfa3 3anha

Bashar the butcher,
Cant wait for the day your name comes true
cant wait for the day our brave lions eat you
cant wait for those day glad tidings accrue
the day our bravehearts will prove to you
that you really are a fool for not believing you are already through

dignity would be that i don’t address you
because i am a lady but let me put it plainly
because today is the day we all knew would come
today is the day that you pigs are through
today is the day we oust you.
today is the day freedom reigns true
today is the day the hypocrites lose
today is the day we choose to refuse any more abuse
today is the day the civilian turns his mind to martyrdom
rather than live another day in your unjust kingdom
today is the day he reached the end of my fuse
today is the day you made sure he had nothing left to lose

yes you-

That’s your dead brother’s lady
pregnant with the baby of the man who murdered him
800 raped in homs alone
the worlds silence condones these atrocities
death and destruction in every city
this isn’t a syrian issue
this is human
this is i want to hold you human
bless you warm you kiss you
wipe your hurt away with your sister human tissue.
little boys tortured and raped
littles girls running for turkish borders, enemy lines, suicide
anything to escape
while russia and china patrol the gates
sure to wrap everyone up in their red tape
no US
no UN
so every little wound is fatal

the child cries out
aroo7 li meen
wi 2ool ya meen yinsifni minnak
to whom shall i go?
to whom shall i complain to?
when my father is dead at my doorstep
and my mother has been enslaved for sex.
and i cry out ohh who will give me my justice from you?
Who will gather my fragmented heart
who will help me when I fall apart?
Who will turn my father’s spilled blood into art?
who will tell this story from the start?
who will embrace my message and do their part?
You are my hope, my joy
I am just a little boy
childhood they have destroyed
so now i am a man of the revolution
but in these small hands i have no solution
i have only tears to wash away my sister’s hurt
with only more hurt
all my sisters and brothers
fallen fighting for freedom and honor
giving everything fighting harder
giving their lives so that i might have the chance
to stand taller than they could in life
so that i wouldn’t be stifled by oppression
i am orphaned for freedom
she has become my mother
she is my warm my will my survival skill.
hope in her is all i have.
my mother khansaa said
what good is it to raise a child
who will not stand up for what is right?
courage in great stock
men like mountains
in spite of geo political grid lock
Syria’s soil
wet with the souls of martyrs
Cousins in dar3a-
you were the first dam3a
that fell from this sama
that opened the sky and prophetic flood
noah and moses
floods and pharoahs
graves and roses.
spears and arrows
deep and desperate-
my midan
your time is now.
15 thousand dead
fifty five thousand detained.
this is raw. yes. this is real yes.
heart sinking when we see the bombs and the bruises.
the blood and the babies. Body bags. raving mad.
seeing red. what is left to be said. support syria. support freedom.
Pray. Allah Sooriya Hurriya o bas.
bes ya 2elbi bes.

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  1. السلام عليكم

    مشاء الله

    May Ahhalh swt give more power to your pen and may He deliver Syria from its tribulations. Aameen.

  2. السلام عليكم

    مشاء الله

    May Allah swt give more power to your pen and may He deliver Syria from its tribulations. Aameen.

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