People Persevere

A message to all of you out there who have ever doubted your hopes, dreams, ideas or even just generally yourselves: We didn’t think in a million years that our little idea of passing out doughnuts, coffee and flowers to passersby in the hopes of honest conversation and vulnerable connection would cause such a stir! But we believed in our hopes, intentions and above all else, in ourselves! We saw the world as needing some LOVE so instead of waiting for someone else to give that LOVE, we decided to be the ones to do it! What we did wasn’t some grand gesture. It was small. So small! So seemingly unremarkable! We just talked to people and shared some yummies– and why did it make such a splash? I don’t quite know the answer but I do know that I’m standing here today with this issue of People Magazine with an article about us in it! Please please please believe in yourselves! Please follow through on your ideas of love! Please give out love like it’s endless! Because it is! If there’s one thing I learned from all my hours out there doing#AskAMuslim it’s this: the more love you give, the more love you receive! Love is endless and infinite! Your #actoflove, no matter how unremarkable you think it is, is important! Believe in your own crazy and silly ideas! Who knows where those ideas of love will take you!!! I’m living proof of that! Oh my goodnesssss! If you’ve ever doubted the little things you do make a difference and needed a sign — well then here’s your sign! Keep on spreading love my good and beautiful human family! Keep sharing the LOVE! IMG_1147