don’t sleep.

woke up
because the
silence of sleep,
was too loud
for my soul
to bear.

woke up
to wash
so I could
enter into
the only
worth having.

woke up
to wake up
from hours
of my soul
a world
I wear thin on
my own nerves-
where I weigh less
in my own worth.

woke up
to alleviate
my aversion
to death and
her smaller sister-
because of how
I am avoiding
the reality of
how sisterly near
in proximity to me
they are.

woke up
the silence
of sleep,
a disconnect
too steep-
was what
kept me
woke up
because i needed to speak to You.
banished the sister of sleep
because i need more time
to decipher Your signs.

May He make the last of our actions, the best of our actions.

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