sometimes +/- you have to do the math

(This is from a live recording of Prince singing Nothing Compares to You. Once I figure out the technical- will upload it for your listening pleasure.)

“In these times, so turbulent, we have got to learn, to find and learn to love each other. Might seem cliche, but look around you- there are men, and there are women, but thats a difference. I don’t want to talk about differences tonight….I want to talk about similarities. I want to talk about the reasons that we are the same.

In your neighborhoods, you’ve got 20 different churches in a one mile radius. That would be a difference, and you say “well we’re all worshiping God.” I don’t know….

That would be a difference. I didn’t come here to talk about that tonight. I came to talk about similarities.

How many in here love God?

How many in here worship God?

How many in here know God’s name?

Well His name is God, That’s what you said. That would be a similarity. amongst you, not me.

I wana talk about a difference tonight. I’ll talk about this difference and lets see if we can agree. Because thats what its about- agreement, harmony….

Was God’s name important to Jesus?

Master! Teach us how to pray!

Let your name be sanctified!

We must learn His name so that we may meet in a higher place- other than this disagreement. We will meet together in agreement- and that is the truth!

What is the meaning of life?

The fact that God has the right, the sovereign right, to rule mankind for all eternity. Him being the Creator, He’s going tell us how it’s going to end. He made it!”

White, Black Puerto Rican, men, women, rich, poor. all of these are differences, the similarity is that when you cut us, we all bleed the same.”

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