verbose verbiage = garbage

“Do not limit yourself to deep words and profound spiritual allusions but make provision for the afterlife before death comes, when fine words will be lost and the rak’as you prayed by night and day will remain.”
-Shaykh Muhammad Sa’eed Burhani

In a lecture Shaykh Hamza said something along the lines of:
The scholars used to take entire books and condense them into simple sentences without losing anything. Now we write books explaining their simplification.

Precision is a lost art. We hide behind big words and seemingly complex ideas- thinking that it veils our ineptitude. It does not. The more words it takes for us to understand something, the less likely we are to understand it.

“Someone asked me what is the knowing I speak of and how does the love I mention feel. I said if you don’t know, what can I say? And if you do know, what can I say?
The taste of knowing love has no explanation, and no account of it will ever give anyone that taste.”
– Ma’arif Bahauddin

I once asked a friend to explain an experience they’d had. They said “explain to me what honey tastes like.” I couldn’t.