wayside story: mona style

he sat there scheming.
teaming up with my friends
and his boys
to make me his girl.
said he wanted to wife me.
said i was just so so wifey-
asked me where i came from.
asked me where he found me.
how i didnt exist before
and then i materialized into his world.
and my heart got taken completely
just like that
just with those sweet
saturated splendid words
thick in feel like honey
deep in hue like it too

—it was straight natural

but we were made of different material
he got his way
and i didn’t care
and he cared that i didn’t care
so he cared for the both of us
but more than that
it was material-
we bickered like birds
but my bite was always
weaker than his bark
with our backgrounds different like stark.

differently orchestrated
colossally incompatible
because of material.
and so we sustained stains
on the part of our brain
where love lived.
see, it was mental
too tempermental
when it came to him
but it turned out
love was just out on rental-
or on bail…
i never could tell.
and so we sustained brain damage
of that collateral kind…
:::my heart:::
:::his ego:::

cuz most times
he just dint have a heart
self proclaimed stone heart man
at least thats what
the natives of his land
named him
and he so claimed them
and so there too we differed,
i didn’t belong
and he was the leader.
i stood apart
and he played the biggest part
told the underground truth
after the lie
and so the proof
to his truth
was wounded
my doctoring capabilities
and so we
but husshhhhhhhh
little baby
no more tears-
he freed me of all me fears
trained me for years
to see
that he wasn’t ever
the salt coated lips
that came from
too much thinkin
of him.

love was this story’s collateral damage
they stood in our way
but in the end
it wasnt west vs. east
it was you
my beautiful beast.
you stood in our way
and so today
we stand apart

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  1. Dang mona. that’s some heart-wrenching stuff right thur. pray He is keeping you well sweetness. He only tests those He loves. He loves you. I know He does. Can’t wait for our reunion insh’Allah ta’ala.

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