falling forward,
to face down.
gravity pulls
and i push
into it’s pull.
sujude so steep.
knobby knees
toes curled.
nose smashed
as far into earth
as it will go.
hope the dust
and dirt will hear
will feel
will come to know
my breath.
my secrets
into earth’s heart.
praying she
isnt shy as me.
so that she might pass
on my message more
beautifully than me.
i want to want
to be heard
by the One who
made her and me.
who made me
know she would
be my most
intimate keeper
when i was
meant to be the
one to keep her.
instead she bears
the burden
of a brow
and breath
as lowly as
secrets as dark
as moonless
night’s light,
as steep
as serious can be.
sujude keeps
my secrets
stashed away
til they can be
packaged and
sent properly.

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