a pleasing soul is a soul pleased

waiting to grow up
to be happy
to be right
to get right
closed eyes
to cool them
because tears
wear them warm.
because boys
are dying before men.
smooth insides of palms
-paths traced
in presence
of essences,
souls that once filled
cosmic space
now left empty.
soon faces
will be forgotten.
only blurred images
drawn badly
on dirty
brain matter
like clumpy paper mache-
bumpy and ugly,
sloppy and sticky-
not smooth and sexy
like soul.
Please God let me
have the will
-the furious courage
to fight my self
and pray at athan.
Please God-
let me live each
of my moments
of my soul-
each moment
so sincere
that it might
invite me
to constantly
feel rush
of butterfly
kisses up
and down
bare skin.
please God,
when i grow up,
i want to be soulful-
please God,
do not let
these signs
pass me by
wihtout my
presence and
sight falling
upon them.
Please God,
Let me be present
– and let my present
be soulful.
Please God,
if i am to have a future
beyond my present,
let it be soulful.
please God,
let me be pleasing
to You.
Please God,
make it please me
to please You.
Please God,
take me away from
those not mindful
of soul.
Sweep me into
your selected soulful,
so that i might serve You.
please God.
please God.
please God.

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