ISNA weekend

Thank you for all the love and support at ISNA this weekend. Entertainment on Sunday was an inspired and inspiring evening. Sharing the stage with Native Deen, Noor, and Kareem Salama, was an honor and a blessing. Muslim art has evolved so much in the last decade and we will see it continue to change and grow. “Meating” Hamza and Husain (click here to like their FB Page) Abdullah was as entertaining as it was an honor. Check out their halal beef jerky. It’s good stuff! I made the mistake of leaving my bag on the couch while I went up on stage to do my thing and came back and found it EMPTY! All those ISNA headhoncho guys smashed it! Hamza saved the day and gave me another bag of the Sweet & Spicy. It was delish. Here’s a pic they posted during my set: 🙂 (click on the face) And a big ups to Bayan Jondy and her clothing line Simply Zeena!  I went back on Sunday and the racks were empty_ Place your orders ladies before that long skirt  you want is sold out! ALSO, if you don’t know about Shaykh Abdallah Adhami already, well do some research son! His lectures at the conference tore so many sunni/shiite misconceptions to shreds and shed light on how the sahaba really were with the Prophet, prayers and blessings be upon him! SO much personality….so much realness! And don’t get me started on the hilarious story he told about Abu Hurayra and Our Mother Aisha!

Speaking of mothers, I send all my love out to all the sisters who thanked me for being a role model to them, their daughters and sisters and for having the courage to go up on stage. By God, if it weren’t for your tremendous love and support, I would never have dared to break into the entertainment “boys club” as it has been called. Your strength inspires me and makes it clear that these are the days of women! Speak up sisters! Your voices are valuable. Your words are meaningful. Your stories are precious. Your ideas are priceless. Speak your minds and be heard! Your modesty does not inhibit your voice from being heard. Write. Speak. Love. With a sincere intention to please God and perpetuate positivity and light, you will be heard! God will facilitate it!

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Peace & Love!

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