Ya Habibi :::: New Poem

Ya Habibi ::: Ya Tabibi from Mona Haydar on Vimeo.

Infinite peace, prayers and praise be upon the Prophet of God, Muhammad!

Full Text:

By the glorious morning light
and the night when it is still-

Cast away by men,
comforted by God
was this man of God.

Commanded to read when he could not read
Commanded to speak when he’d rather retreat
“Qul!” God commanded and speak he did.

Shaken by the force with which revelation came.
Painful and sweet upon him it rained.
It fell from the lips of the angel
The words of God- so urgent like danger.
Consistent this revelation came,
and Gabriel became his friend’s name.
Secretly he spoke this message
in the safe darkness at the house of Arqam.
Slowly grew the beat of tawhid’s drum.
In pain through sweat he kept his composure.
Through the threats he had true gnosis and closure.
Nothing could shake him-
nothing could move him.
Offers to put sun and moon in hands of the one
whose brightness they were molded after….
this begs for laughter.
“Cover me. Hold me” he said to his beloved,
for he knew what was to come.
“Zammiluni Dathiruni”
she knew the solid faith he was built from.
With Lady Khadija he found sweet tender solace.
With Abu Bakr he found fraternity that was flawless.
He came to remedy Quraysh and the world of lawlessness and forgetfulness/
Remember Allah often.
Remember Allah while you stand.
Remember Allah when you sit on this aya that is land.
Remember him while you lay.
Remember Him in every way.
With your limbs, in your heart-
let nothing from this tear you apart.
sprinting into Jennat-AlFirdawsi
Ana jaleesu man thakarani…
I am with the one who remembers me..
This was the message of Muhammad.

I am a simple soul.
Slaving, striving to turn this heart back from coal into gold.
Muhammad is alive in this heart.
He dwells in the praise of him that is art.
Mosaic coming together for God’s pleasure.
Arrangements orchestrated by Muhammad-
the noble craftsman of hearts.
He saw past pieces-
saw collaborative unity.
Unity in diversity-
not in a stifling uniformity.
Red next to purple and pink.
All shades of rays of sun-
Ayas to make people think.
Easing people into easy fikr.
Unmasking releasing beautiful latent thikr
Like how he chose his inner circle-
guided by how maybe red can compliment purple.

This is an ode-
An epistle to my apostle:

You are the medicine that was never bitter.
You are the remedy that was never better.
Ya tabibi ya habibi
Ya dawa’i ya shifaa’i
Ya anisi ya unsi
Ya qudwati ya uswati
Ya Rasuli

My dearest one,
God is curing me of every malady.
You are the remedy.
Upon you are the always accepted salah.
I bear witness that you are indeed the messenger of Allah.
You live on in my heart and in my head.
And that is why
I call out
AlMadad AlMadad
AlMadad ya Sayyidi ya Muhammad!