The #Heart Movement

So I’ve been doing this thing recently where I ask people how their heart is. I’m loving it. I’m loving the open hearted responses. I’m loving the consciousness it engenders and the closeness it builds between our hearts. This is my new mission. I’ve seen beautiful healing begin after this question is asked. I’ve heard surprisingly candid and sincere answers. Some put their hand over their heart and close their eyes before they answer. Some take a deep breath in and look out into the distance. This is the #Heart movement. The more we understand our hearts…the more we are able to see and feel past our bodies- the more capable and compassionate human beings we can be. The question “How is your heart?” grows a cosmic consciousness between humanity- between our hearts and makes a real <3 connection--- and so friend, I ask you: How is your heart?

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  1. This brought a tear to my eye. Sometimes it can be a question I dont even ask my own heart. I love how asking such a profound question, evokes such a profound response, one heart to another. SubhanAllah.

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