Under the shade of a cottonwood
could is mantra
i think i can
i think i can
i can
therefore I am
in the midst of tall grasses
floating butterflies
like clay, cassius
buzzing bees in harmonies
harmoniums and soliloquies
soil between toes
food growing in rows and rows
roses and rosehips
smiling babies on hips
beneath vast new mexican sky
mountain water alive.
God is wind whispering
and leaves dancing
God is green
and brown
and deep wet sand color
God is pillow white cloud
and blades of grass reaching for them
God is full moon rising
in shadow of new moon setting

the waves of change
the comings
Grandness and gentleness
the shhhhhhh of June
and rains of july

the breeze only sings
because trees are there to dance and sway
this is the way of the mountain
the depth of this foundation
goes beyond down-
but back up again
rooted in heavens
nestled securely in earth
i think i can,
just like cottonwood tree
just like tarragon leaves
just like my sweet safi

i think i can
God put that in me too.

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